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Image by Kyle Mackie
 Hereford Freezer Beef!

Thank you for supporting our small business!

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The Shriver Family has been raising Polled Hereford cattle in Rochester, Indiana for almost a century! Our family has enjoyed the beef produced on our farm for decades and we are now offering it for direct sale to you. By choosing Valhalla for your all your freezer beef needs, you can be confident in knowing where it came from as well as having the ability to customize your cuts of meat!


The herd is born and raised in our pastures and never confined to a stockyard. Depending on the season, we offer our cattle grain and hay grown on our land. We think our beef is special (and delicious!) and we hope you do too! We are passionate about raising extraordinary beef with love and care for the animal. The slaughter facility we work with is USDA inspected and allows each customer to specify thickness and type of their cuts of beef.

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