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Our Story

Hello, we are Drew & Stephanie (Shriver) McCulley, the owners of Valhalla Farms, LLC! We are excited to continue the traditions of what was formerly Siders Blueberry Farm as well as introducing new traditions of our own.

The story of Valhalla Farms began back in the 1880s when Daniel Struckman, great-great-grandfather of my dad, Jeffery Smith Shriver, brought cattle to his farm in Fulton County.  Fast forward to the 1960s, when Herbert Smith planted a seed of love for Hereford cattle in the heart of his grandson, Jeff.  Jeff continued to grow to love the farm, and all it offered, as he learned alongside his Grandpa Herb & Grandma Margie, and his parents, Steve & Jane.

In 2011, Jeff purchased a small farm and started his own herd of Polled Herefords.  Jeff had been a social studies teacher and football coach for the Tippecanoe Valley Vikings since 1991. He loved his Viking heritage so greatly that he considered his farm to be “Valhalla”, the great Viking heaven.

When the opportunity arose to purchase the Siders’ blueberry farm and continue the hard work of Maurie and Kathy, there was no doubt in our minds that we should name this farming venture – Valhalla.

Family, Faith, and Tradition are the pillars on which Valhalla Farms is founded.  Our family invites you to our heaven on earth where your family will enjoy the many facets of our farm – from plump blueberries ripe from the bush, strawberries sweet off the vine, sweet corn picked fresh from the field, and fresh Hereford beef raised on our farms.

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